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Articles written by Tiffany Ditto for The North Texas Daily:

Michael Burgess retains incumbency in U.S. House District 26 

Raunchy Snapchat account gains attentionWinner 3rd Place News Feature writing at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association Awards

Grand jury clears Cpl. Stephen Bean 

Lawmen dispute McMillan attorney’s claim on ‘use of force continuum’

Attorney: Cpl. Bean wrong to Kill Ryan McMillan 

University quiet in wake of McMillan death

The latest updates on the death of Ryan McMillan

Denton Facebook group unfazed by new gun policy

Campaign fliers raise eyebrows, locals get heated before election 

Amid global fear of terror groups, UNT officials talk student safety abroad 

Seven reports of sexual assault so far in 2016 

UNT marketing class to rebrand Big Mike’s coffee

Changes coming to Big Mike’s Coffee

Police car window shot out while investigating shot out windows

Emergency phones rarely used for emergencies 

Parking provides another semester of discontent

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