Tiffany Ditto

Tiffany Ditto is a marketing specialist and content creator in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Her specialties include storytelling, communication, and design. However, she is also adept at other aspects of marketing and journalism such as data analysis, photography, and videography.

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her spunky Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Riley, and rambunctious Bengal Cat, Lilura.

Ditto holds a Master of Science in Digital Communication Analytics and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism both from the University of North Texas.

Her work experience has spanned various industries in the print and digital media sectors, as well as the B2B and B2C marketing sectors.

Tiffany loves helping others and is always up for a challenge. If you have a project or initiative, you would like help on, reach out via the contact page.